John Sickels

Orlando, FL 32801 · (239) 313-0490 ·

Full Stack Software Engineer with a life-long dedication to learning. Effective at combining creativity and problem solving to develop user-friendly applications. Known among staff for strong wit and attention to detail no matter the complexity of the project.


Software Development Engineer III

Blue Origin

Develop robust ERP solutions while incorporating good UI/UX practices with Odoo, Python, TypeScript, Jest, GitLab CI/CD, AWS, and Kubernetes.

Successfully collaborate with customers to understand their requirements, resulting in the successful launch of automated scheduling software.

Lead daily deployments on AWS and Kubernetes, ensuring a streamlined development process and continuous delivery.

August 2022 - Present

Coding Bootcamp Instructor

Fullstack Academy

Create an inclusive learning environment and taught web development using JavaScript, React, Node, and Postgres.

Provide personalized support and guidance to students in implementing and testing web applications.

Demonstrate proficiency as a coding bootcamp instructor by effectively teaching complex technical concepts.

February 2023 - Present

Sr QA Engineer


Lead automation efforts among the entire engineering department. Collaborate with lead developers and project managers to assess program capabilities, features and automated testing demands.

Build CI/CD pipelines and orchestrate solutions with Infrastructure Engineers to report all findings with improvement recommendations.

September 2019 - August 2022


Trilogy 2U

Provide support and guidance to the students attending UCF's Full Stack Web Development Program.

Reinforce lesson material, assist students with questions, and review material one-on-one or in small groups.

Launch world-class student support system on Slack, AskBCS.

August 2019 - December 2021

QA Engineer


Create and document test plans. Write test automation coverage with Cypress and JavaScript. Coach other QA Engineers on best preactices and coding standards.

September 2019 - December 2019


Back End Developer

Coder Arcade

Your online resource for distraction. Anyone can gather to play games and chat in our Node.js minigame library. Full Stack SPA using an Express server with Web Sockets for chatting, Passport and JWT for authentication and authorization, MongoDB for user storage. React Redux and Material-UI Front End. Heroku and AWS Route53 Hosting.
Visit the GitHub.

August 2019

Database Architect

Short Circuit

Bot run with Javascript using the Johnny-fve kit and Tessel2. This bot will water your house plants remotely. User will have have option to water on a timer, by alert when soil moisture reaches a certain level. The data will be collected for soil moisture level, humidity, temperature and air pressure. The browser will integrate both controls for the bot and as well as a styled graph with the returned data.
Visit the GitHub.

June 2019

Project Manager


A web-based app that allows the user to view and keep track of local rocket launches. Launch Library API pulls and GitHub project management led the team to successful deployment and stellar scores. MVP and Final Presentation preparation ensured class understanding of the development process and set goals for future iterations.
View the Project.
Visit the GitHub.

April 2019


university of Central Florida

Full Stack Bootcamp

February 2019 - August 2019

University of Central Florida

Associate of the Arts
Engineering Track - Business Minor

GPA: 3.20

August 2010 - May 2012


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Agile Development & Scrum


I like puzzles, music, and space.

I earned my Full Stack Developer Certification from the UCF Coding Bootcamp in August 2019. Here I focused on gaining technical programming skills such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Firebase, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, Express, Handelbars.js & React.js. Skills I wish to retain from my hospitality background include teamwork, communication, time management, learning, teaching, and problem-solving.

My favorite part of the interview process is algorithms and data structures. See my Advent of Code repo.

Awards & Certifications

  • One Team, One Dream Nominee - FloSports - 2021
  • Top Three Performers - 2U AskBCS - 2021
  • 1st Place Hackathon - FloSports - Summer 2021
  • Raise the Bar Award Winner - FloSports - 2020
  • Full Stack Flex Web Development Certificate - Trilogy Education UCF - 2019
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript/C# - SoloLearn Certifications - 2019